Yaron Avigdor Technologies Ltd.

The company specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for metal processing, electronic packaging, 5-axis machining and assembly, focusing on the defense, medical and telecommunications industries. It is a young and dynamic company experiencing constant growth, reflected in its expansion of operations and growing customer base.

The company specializes in locating engineering problems and seeking solutions best suited to fit customer needs, using cutting edge equipment, ensuring a comprehensive solution in all metal related fields. The company adheres to principles of professionalism, reliability, personal attention, availability and speed.

Yaron Avigdor Technologies Ltd. represents companies (China, India and the Philippines) in a variety of fields (packaging, machining, casting, etc.) – all the while providing professional support and execution in Israel.

The company maintains continuous communications with its clients, aiming to identify their needs and provide the proper solution. We offer uncompromising quality, service and professionalism, complying with the rigorous ISO-9000-2008, AS-9100 standards. The company is led by leading professionals in the field, bearing decades of proven experience.

The company is managed by an organizational resource management system, an ERP system used as an aid for integrative management within the organization. The system is based on an array of models needed to operate the organization and provides real time and reliable information regarding the data held in the system.

The company specializes in milling and 5-axis machining, array assembly, engineering and design, facility and prototype construction, panel fastening, profile handling, tool production, computerized metal forming, punching and laser cutting, welding, HeliCoil insertion.
Company management and production are supported by leading software programs: SolidCAM / SolidWorks / Kitaron / CncKad / Trumpf-Bending The company specializes in managing engineering projects, producing and manufacturing prototypes and models, mass production by production files, on-time delivery quality supply to the client. Operational outsourcing for purchasing, manufacturer management and quality control, assembly, product integration and testing, warranty and service for supplied products. Managing product design and planning processes through sketch documentation and control, sketch management and change management.

The company is prepared to take on large-scale challenges and is characterized by professional/business agility and accountability for results based on “young” and fresh business management by experienced managers who project stability and robustness.

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Company Spirit

Prepared for Large-Scale Challenges: We are ready to commit to achieving challenging objectives with a long-term perspective.
“Young” Management: Applying a young and fresh management perspective in a business run by veteran and experienced managers. Company management is based on direct contact and communications between the managers, employees and owners.
People: That’s what it’s all about – We believe in people and in their ability to create change and reach achievements. It is the people who make the company, not the business.
Stability and Robustness: Business management based on stability, conservativeness, solidity and low risk.
Result Accountability: Committed to achieving the objectives, fully responsible for the activities and business results.
Creating Value: Constantly striving to create value and enhance the value of all company activities.
Professional-Business Agility: Dynamic, proactive, rapid turnaround and quick response in all areas of activity and business development.
Personal Growth Opportunity: Managers and employees who take responsibility and achieve results encounter the opportunity for personal growth in each of the operational divisions.
Growth and Improved Profitability: The company strives to grow and improve its profitability through ongoing activity and strategic endeavors.
Dedication, Loyalty and Mutual Support: Relationships based on dedication to the company’s mission. Loyalty, mutual support, cooperation and teamwork.
Openness and Transparency: Based on reliable real time information.
Family Atmosphere: Close and warm relations among the company’s business leaders





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