Electronic Packaging

Electronic packaging is a very broad and significant element in the world of engineering design, addressing all matters relating to the product’s external package.

This category includes the development and design of sheet metal packaging, cladding and envelopes – usually made of aluminum, stainless steel, metal and often integrated with plastic and/or composite materials.

Electronic packaging is thus a field with a unique language, requiring experience and specific professional know-how. It requires a strong knowledge of production processes, metal cutting, laser, punching, forming, panel fastening, etc. coating, painting and complementary products (drawers, tracks, wheels, etc.), assembly processes, efficiency, etc.

Electronic packaging is evident in the close integration and collaboration between the product/industrial planner/designer on all matters of configuration, appearance, ergonomic design, arbitrariness , openings, compartments, etc.

In addition, the electronic packaging engineer is responsible for providing temperature and heat evacuation solutions, handling RFI/EMI issues, complying with environmental protection standards and more.

The personnel at Yaron Avigdor Technologies Ltd. hold extensive know-how and experience, based on years of involvement in the electronic packaging field. The existence of an engineering system enables optimization and process shortening as the production process is conducted with complete engineer accompaniment.

We specialize in manufacturing forming and punching dies and in-house metal forming.

Electronic Packaging
Electronic Packaging




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