Standards and quality assurance

The company recognizes that complying with competitive market conditions requires the provision of reliable and efficient service while consistently providing the highest level of quality and maintaining the environment.
To this end, the company established a quality, environmental quality and aerospace management system compliant with ISO-9000-2008, AS-9100, local market and export requirements. In addition, the company complies with the laws, regulations and requirements set forth by the applicable government offices, including suitable safety conditions.

The company is approved for:

• Processing parts for space
• Manufacturing microwave items
• RF Processing parts
• Processing tube parts
• Deep drilling
Authorization description: No. 03316 – Aircraft Structure Sealing
Authorization description: No. 00521 – Aircraft Structure – Array Assembly & Control
Authorization description: No. 03438 – Structure mechanical assemblies
Authorization description: No. 941 – Aerospace GTAW Welding Stage 6G
Authorization description: No. 951 – Aerospace GMAW Welding Stage 3G
Under standard: AWS D17.1


Israel Aerospace Industries / Enterprise Code: 6000 Elta

Authorization Code Authorization Description Supplier No.
280 Dedicated items – Finished goods IT424
794 Molds IT424
795 Dies IT424
859 Nailing hand tools IT424
900 Machining IT424
905 Lathing IT424
906 Precision lathing IT424
912 CNC precision milling IT424
913 Milling IT424
924 Tin processing and design IT424
925 Metal spinning IT424
929 Metalworking IT424
931 CNC tin piercing IT424
937 Pipe and profile forming IT424
961 Adhesions IT424


Authorization Code Authorization Description Supplier No.
2/01/01 Machining
(Metal and material processing)
2/01/05 Mechanical and tin packaging
(Metal and material processing)
2/01/05 Aeronautic welding 00686820
Standards and quality assurance

Standards and quality assurance




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